Computer Information Systems - Cybersecurity Certificate (CIS.CYS.CT)


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The Computer Information Systems (CIS) certificates are designed for students who need specialty skills in a particular area of information technology that will help satisfy current of future employment requirements. Unlike associate degrees, certificate programs assume that students already have obtained or do not require general education skills and are now looking for education in a specific area of computer technology. Therefore, all of the courses within a certificate program are chosen to develop these specific technical skills in a shorter amount of time than what would be required in an associate degree program. All CIS courses use current computer tools and place an emphasis on practical application to provide a relevant learning environment.

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Major Requirements
CIS 1300Networking Concepts4
CIS 1550Introduction to Secure Programming3
CIS 1600Fundamentals of Cybersecurity4
CIS 1610Data Security4
or CIS 2131 Python Programming4
CIS 1620Introduction to Cryptography4
CIS 1630Security Policy, Legal, Ethics and Compliance3
CIS 2434Introduction to Linux and Unix Administration3
CIS 2535Microsoft Windows Server Administration3
CIS 2838System Security4
CIS 2845Computer Forensics4
Total Credit Hours36

A minimum cumulative 2.00 grade point average (GPA) overall is required for graduation.

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