Computer Information Systems - Web Designer Certificate (CIS.WDE.CT)


Business, Management, Marketing and Technology

Orchard Ridge Campus

The Web Designer Certificate is designed to provide a strong foundation for the design and format of client-side Web content. The creation of Web content for presentation and user interaction requires visual communication skills that incorporate a wide variety of media content types as well as expertise with markup languages, scripting languages, and the functional capabilities of various user devices. Content created by the Web designer must effectively engage all types of users and provide a rich canvas on which all Internet content is displayed.

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Full Time - Computer Information Systems - Web Designer program plan example

CIS 1090Web Graphic Concepts3
CIS 1400Web Design I4
CIS 1420HTML5 Programming3
CIS 1440JavaScript Programming for Websites4
CIS 1720Multimedia Data Management4
CIS 1721Web Design II3
CIS 1722Web Animation3
GRD 1100Graphic Design3
PHO 1700Beginning Digital Photography4
Total Credit Hours31

A minimum cumulative 2.00 grade point average (GPA) overall is required for graduation. 

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