Program Integrity and Guarantees

Oakland Community College guarantees the integrity and quality of its programs and degrees by assuring that graduates will possess those skills and competencies attested to by their certificate or degree.

Transfer Options and Requirements

In the curriculum of the College are many varied programs for students who plan to continue their education at a four-year institution.

These students will do well to examine carefully the professional requirements and the time required to prepare for their field of choice. It is the student’s responsibility, in fact, to be fully aware of course requirements of the college or university to which they intend to transfer. Early selection of the transfer institution facilitates planning while at Oakland Community College.

In addition to studying the current catalog of the transfer institution and discussing requirements with a counselor or faculty advisor, the student should confer with an admissions counselor at his or her selected transfer institution or when university counselors visit the campuses of Oakland Community College. Information concerning the date and time of the visits is available through the counseling office on each campus.

Application to the four-year institution should be made well in advance of the expected transfer date. At the time of application for transfer, the student should request a copy of the official transcript from the Office of the Registrar for the transfer institution.

Though there are many differences in the various kinds of specialization which may enter into a college degree program, most of the specialization takes place during the third and fourth years of advanced study. The first two years, however, are preparatory years when basic courses common to programs and curricula are completed.

The student who plans to take the first two years of work at Oakland Community College and transfer to a four-year college will meet transfer requirements by qualifying for an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science or an Associate in Business Administration if Michigan Transfer Agreement requirements are followed. There are, however, different requirements at the various colleges, and the student should check the requirements of the four-year institution chosen.

Articulation Agreements

Oakland Community College has many articulation agreements with colleges and universities that award baccalaureate degrees. Current articulation agreements are listed on the Articulation website.  Any student planning to utilize an articulation agreement to continue education beyond OCC should work closely with a counselor well in advance of transferring to ensure agreement eligibility and the transferability of the course work.

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