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General Studies Degree Requirements (GEN.AGS)

General Studies Degree Requirements (GEN.ONL.AGS) - 100% Online

The Associate in General Studies degree is designed for students choosing to pursue widely varying areas of interests.

Flexibility is provided so that the required 60 credit hours can be met as individually appropriate.

Because transferability of credits varies with colleges and universities, programs and departmental majors, students are urged to discuss their program with an OCC counselor and transfer institution.  Completion of this degree does not meet the four-year transfer college requirements of the Michigan Transfer Agreement.

Courses in the recommended elective category provide soft skills that employers look for in a workplace setting. 

Courses That Satisfy Associate in General Studies Degree Requirements

Candidates for the Associate in General Studies degree must satisfy the requirements for an associate degree as well as the specific minimum requirements:

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Full Time - General Studies program plan example

Fine Arts/Humanities3
American Art3
Intermediate French I4
Intermediate French II4
Intermediate Japanese I4
Intermediate Japanese II4
Intermediate Spanish I4
Intermediate Spanish II4
Mathematics/Natural Science3
Complete any MAT course
Complete a science course from BIO, CHE, FSN, GEO 1540, GSC, PHY, PSC
Social Science3
Written Communication3
Total Credit Hours for Program-Related Courses15
Additional elective credits needed to meet requirements for an Associate in General Studies degree.45
Recommended Elective Courses
Accounting for the Small Business Owner3
College Success Skills2
Critical Thinking Strategies1
Small Business Basics3
Personal Finance3
Personal Computer Productivity Tools4
Personal Computer Spreadsheet Concepts3
Personal Computer Presentation Concepts3
Personal Computer Database Concepts3
Career Planning2
Personal Assertiveness2
Interpersonal Communication3
Intercultural Communication3
Leadership and Small Groups3
Professional Communication4
Introduction to Global Studies3
World Religions3
Information Research Methods2
Business Mathematics3
Stress Management: Neuromuscular Relaxation2
Physical Well-Being in a Modern Society2
Golf - Beginning1
Physical Fitness1
Group Exercise1
Self Defense1
Volleyball Co-Ed1
Introduction to Informal Logic3
American Government3
Sociology of Diversity3
Total Credit Hours60

A minimum cumulative 2.00 grade point average (GPA) overall is required for graduation. 

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