Pre-Engineering (PRE.EGR.AAS)

Associate in Applied Science

Engineering/Manufacturing and Industrial Technology

Auburn Hills Campus

The Pre-Engineering program provides students with the academic foundation needed for transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in engineering science. OCC offers three engineering focus areas – Electrical/Computer, Mechanical/Civil, and Industrial.
Students earn an Associate of Applied Science degree and are prepared to enter their bachelor’s degree program with about half of the required credits already completed.

Students are strongly encouraged to work with counselors at the intended transferring institution to maximize course transferability.
Students must meet the requirements set by the institution they will transfer to. Completing the Pre-Engineering degree does not guarantee acceptance at another college or university.

Although most students will transfer to a 4-year engineering institution, students who consider this to be their terminal degree are qualified to work as engineering technicians within the electrical, mechanical, computer, or industrial industry.

Program Plan Example Full Time - Electrical Computer Focus Area

Program Plan Example Part Time - Electrical Computer Focus Area

Program Plan Example Full Time - Industrial Focus Area

Program Plan Example Part Time - Industrial Focus Area

Program Plan Example Full Time - Mechanical Civil Focus Area

Program Plan Example Part Time - Mechanical Civil Focus Area

Major Requirements
CHE 1510General Chemistry I4
EGR 2010Engineering Programming4
ENG 1510Composition I3
or ENG 1510E Composition I Enhanced4
ENG 1520Composition II3
or ENG 2200 Professional Communication4
MAT 1730Calculus I4
MAT 1740Calculus II4
MAT 2740Calculus III4
MAT 2810Differential Equations4
PHY 2400Engineering Physics I5
PHY 2500Engineering Physics II5
Required Supportive Courses40-42
Complete one of the following focus areas.
Electrical/Computer Focus Area
Engineering Digital Circuits4
Engineering Microcontrollers4
Engineering Circuits I5
Mechanical/Civil Focus Area
Introduction to Engineering Graphics4
Mechanics of Materials3
Industrial Option Focus Area - Select 3 Courses
Introduction to Engineering Graphics4
Programmable Controller Applications4
Advanced Programmable Controllers Applications4
Total Credit Hours for Program-Related Courses12-13
General Education Requirements
Communication / English (3-credits)
Fine Arts / Humanities (6-credits)6
Mathematics / Science (3-credits)
Social Science (6-credits)6
Written Communication (3-credits)
Total Credit Hours64-67

 A minimum cumulative 2.00 grade point average (GPA) overall is required for graduation.

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