Medical Assisting - Medical Insurance Coding and Billing (MDA.MIC.CA)

Medical Assisting - Medical Insurance Coding and Billing (MDA.MIC.ONL.CA) - 100% Online

Certificate of Achievement

Health Sciences

Highland Lakes Campus

This option is intended for individuals who desire entry-level employment as a medical insurance coder and biller in a private medical office, clinic or other health care facility. Successful completion of this option will result in a certificate of achievement in Medical Insurance Coding and Billing. Eligibility for this certificate is dependent upon the student achieving a “C” (2.0) or better in each of the required courses. The student may choose to continue and complete an Associate in Applied Science or certificate in Medical Assisting. Completion of the mandatory Medical Assisting Program orientation is required.

A mandatory criminal history check will be conducted on all students prior to the start of the program.  1)  Conviction of a felony or any attempt to commit a felony within the 15 years immediately preceding the date of the criminal history check; or 2)  Conviction of a misdemeanor within the 10 years immediately preceding the criminal history check, will preclude eligibility for admission.  For details, contact (248) 942-3069.

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CIS 1000Computer Literacy1
or CIS 1050 Personal Computer Productivity Tools4
MDA 1053Medical Office Software Applications1
MDA 1103Medical Terminology3
MDA 1350Medical Law and Ethics3
MDA 2380Medical Office Insurance Coding and Billing4
MDA 2383Medical Office Insurance Coding and Billing Applications1
Total Credit Hours13-16
A minimum cumulative 2.00 grade point average (GPA) overall is required for graduation.
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