Fire Fighter Technology (FFT.AAS)

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Associate in Applied Science

Human Services

Auburn Hills Campus

This program leads to an associate in applied science degree that gives the student an educational background for employment in the fire science area and aids persons already employed to obtain credentials for promotional opportunities. Students who satisfactorily complete the program will exhibit competency in fire safety, building construction, fire administration, hydraulics, legal issues in the fire service, and the modern threats and integration of homeland security considerations.  Students who have already completed OCC’s Fire Fighter Academy and received Michigan Level I & II certifications are awarded 12 credits overall and 9 credits that count toward this degree.

Students who have successfully completed their State of Michigan Firefighter I and II Certifications will be granted credit for FFT 1520, FFT 1540, FFT 2510, EMS 1200, and PER 1590.

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Major Requirements
CRJ 1400Introduction to Homeland Security3
CRJ 1402Homeland Security and First Responders3
CRJ 1405Integrating Emergency Management and Homeland Security3
FFT 1510Introduction to Fire Protection3
FFT 1520Fundamentals of Fire Prevention3
FFT 2510Fire Service Hydraulics and Water Supply3
FFT 2520Fire Service Administration3
FFT 2530Building Construction for Fire Service3
FFT 2540Fire Fighting Tactics and Strategy3
FFT 2560Legal Considerations for the Fire Service3
Complete one of the following options:2-11
Stress Management: Neuromuscular Relaxation2
and EMT II
and Basic EMT Clinical
Required Supportive Courses
Complete a minimum of 8 credits from the following:8
Mass Casualty Resilience3
Introduction to Intelligence for Homeland Security3
International Strategies in Homeland Security3
Fire Arson Investigation3
Hazardous Materials3
Fire Protection Systems and Equipment3
Total Credit Hours for Program-Related Courses40-49
General Education Requirements
Communication / English (3-credits)3
Fine Arts / Humanities (3-credits)3
Mathematics / Science (3-credits)3
Social Science (3-credits)3
Written Communication (3-credits)3
Additional elective credits needed to meet requirements for an Associate in Applied Science degree0-7
Total Credit Hours62-64

A minimum cumulative 2.00 grade point average (GPA) overall is required for graduation.

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