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This program provides experiences related to criminology, criminal law, legal procedures, and social values.

The Criminal Justice Generalist program provides students with an educational background in police procedures and administration, plus extensive experience in additional subjects relating to the criminal justice field. Graduation fulfills entrance requirements for the Police Academy at OCC.

Graduates choosing not to pursue sworn police officer status may be employed as civil servants or choose to continue their education at the Bachelor level.

The Criminal Justice Generalist program is designed to provide students with the courses necessary to meet 2 + 2 and 3 + 1 degree requirements for institutions offering Bachelor Degrees in Criminal Justice.

Students selecting this major are strongly advised to meet with an OCC counselor throughout their program of study for courses that might be required at the transfer college you plan to attend.

Graduating from this program does not automatically qualify the student for the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) endorsement. Students in this program seeking MTA endorsement should work closely with an OCC counselor to identify courses from the MTA List and appropriate math courses for transfer purposes which apply to the endorsement and to degree requirements.

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Major Requirements
CRJ 1010Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CRJ 1030Police Communications3
CRJ 1050Introduction to Security and Risk Management3
CRJ 1060Introduction to Corrections3
CRJ 1120Criminal Law and Administration of Justice3
CRJ 1220Criminal Evidence and Procedure3
CRJ 2320Police Administration3
CRJ 2403Field Project3
PSY 25101Introduction to Psychology 3
SOC 25101Sociology 3
Additional Requirements
Complete a minimum of 2 courses from the following:6-8
Police Patrol Administration and Procedures3
Introduction to Homeland Security3
Firearms, Ballistics and Explosives Identification4
Criminal Investigation and Case Preparation4
Juvenile Procedures3
Fingerprint Classification and Identification4
Substance Abuse Investigation3
Interview and Interrogation Techniques3
Community Relations in Criminal Justice3
Total Credit Hours for Program-Related Courses36-38
General Education Requirements
The General Education Distribution Requirements for this degree differ from most of the other Associate in Applied Science requirements.
ENG 1510Composition I3-6
or ENG 1510E Composition I Enhanced4
or ENG 1510S Composition I with Support6
ENG 1520Composition II3
Fine Arts / Humanities
Complete two courses from the Fine Arts/Humanities Michigan Transfer Agreement Distribution list. These courses must be taken in more than one academic discipline and must be completed with a grade of "C" (2.0) or higher.6-8
Natural Sciences
Complete two courses from the Natural Sciences Michigan Transfer Agreement Distribution list. these courses must be taken in more than one academic discipline and must be completed with a grade of "C" (2.0) or higher. At least one course must include a laboratory component.7-9
Additional elective credits needed to meet requirements for an Associate in Applied Science degree0-6
Total Credit Hours61-64

Course may be used to meet General Education requirements.

A minimum cumulative 2.00 grade point average (GPA) overall is required for graduation.

Note: Completion of a Police Academy is required to become a sworn officer in the Criminal Justice field.

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