Service Learning (SRV)

SRV 1100     Service Learning Elective     1 Credit Hour

ESL Placement Level: For English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) students, placement in ESL 2520.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor and department.

This course focuses on an awareness of social responsibility and active citizenship by identifying community needs and resources relating to a student's field of study. Students will apply, in a community service setting, what they are learning in their current OCC class or have learned in an OCC class they took immediately prior to the current semester. With the approval of an OCC instructor and the department chair, students will select their own service-learning project from the OCC Service Learning database and negotiate their schedule with the community partner. Evaluation will be completed by the OCC instructor of record, based on documentation of the work completed, evaluation report completed by the student's supervisor at the project site, and the student's own written reflection on the project. Project must be begun and completed during the semester the credit is requested, and only one SRV 1100 credit can be earned. Required forms must be picked up at a faculty department office. BILLABLE CONTACT HOURS: 1

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