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The Early Childhood Education Associate Degree program is designed to develop effective, caring, competent, high-quality early childhood education professionals. This program provides training for effective work with young children in a variety of areas and increased awareness of the sensitivities, vulnerabilities and potential of every child. The program satisfies Michigan state requirements for licensing as directors of child care centers, lead teachers in child care centers, home-based center providers, and support staff in public school early childhood programs and Head Start agencies. It provides experiential and academic training in early childhood education through course work, field work, and internships. A “C” (2.0) or better grade is required in all program major requirements and required supportive courses to qualify for graduation in the program. To successfully complete the required internships and possibly fieldwork, depending on the site, students must provide documentation that they meet the following requirements:

  1. Responsible and suitable character to meet the needs of children;
  2. No history of abuse or neglect of children or the elderly;
  3. No felony record in last 10 years;
  4. Mentally, physically, medically, and cognitively able to care for children.

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Major Requirements
ECE 1404Introduction to Early Childhood Careers and Fieldwork4
ECE 1414Early Childhood Activities and Fieldwork4
ECE 1424Early Childhood Education Curriculum Content2
ECE 1500Infant and Toddler Curriculum4
ECE 1505Early Childhood Nutrition, Health and Safety3
ECE 1515Family and Community Connections3
ECE 1525School-age Care and Curriculum3
ECE 2406Professional Issues in Early Childhood Education and Internship6
ECE 2416Administration of Early Childhood Education Programs and Internship6
ECE 2450Educating the 'at Risk' Child in an Early Childhood Environment3
Required Supportive Courses
ENG 15101Composition I 3
ENG 15201Composition II 3
PSY 25101Introduction to Psychology 3
PSY 27101Child Development 3
PSY 27301Survey of the Exceptional Child 3
Suggested Electives
ACC 1500Accounting for the Small Business Owner3
BUS 1100Introduction to Business4
BUS 1210Starting and Operating a Small Business3
BUS 2530Principles of Management3
CIS 1050Personal Computer Productivity Tools4
COM 12901Interpersonal Communication 3
COM 16001Fundamentals of Speech 3
ENG 26501Children's Literature 3
PER 2540Medical First Responder/First Responder4
POL 15101American Government 3
SLS 10001American Sign Language (ASL) I 3
SOC 25101Sociology 3
SOC 2530Racial and Ethnic Group Relations3
SOC 25701Marriage and Family in Modern Society 3
Total Credit Hours for Program-Related Courses53
General Education Requirements
Communication / English (3-credits)
Fine Arts / Humanities (3-credits)3
Mathematics / Science (3-credits)3
Social Science (3-credits)
Written Communication (3-credits)
Additional elective credits needed to meet requirements for an Associate in Applied Science degree3
Total Credit Hours62

 Course may be used to meet General Education requirements.

A minimum cumulative 2.00 grade point average (GPA) overall is required for graduation.