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In this program, leading to a Sign Language Interpreter Associate in Applied Science degree, the student will gain knowledge of the Deaf community, culture and language, with emphasis on interpretation. The program is designed to train students to be qualified sign language interpreters. Successful completion of the program requirements qualifies the student to take interpreter certification exams. Satisfactory achievement on a certification exam is required by the State of Michigan Deaf Person’s Interpreter Act (1982 PA 204 Amended 2007) prior to becoming employed as an interpreter. The policies and procedures regarding progression and retention in the sign language interpreter program, certification exam information, and State of Michigan registration requirements are provided to students after enrollment in SLS 2050. In addition to tuition, students will incur additional expenses related to supplies, travel, and certification exam application.

Program Requirements

Students must maintain a C+ or better in all required Sign Language Interpreting Program courses, including required supportive courses, in order to advance from course to course and ultimately obtain the Sign Language Interpreter Associate in Applied Science degree.

Students must complete ENG 1510 and ENG 1520 prior to enrollment in SLS 2050.

Program Plan Example - Not Available

Major Requirements
SLS 10001American Sign Language (ASL) I 3
SLS 1001Orientation to Deafness2
SLS 10101American Sign Language (ASL) II 3
SLS 1020American Sign Language (ASL) III3
SLS 10301American Sign Language (ASL) IV 3
SLS 1050Linguistic Principles of ASL3
SLS 1100Fingerspellling and Number Use in ASL2
SLS 1150Beginning Sign to Voice3
SLS 1211Non-manual Grammatical Features of ASL2
SLS 1501Deaf Culture and History3
SLS 1550Intermediate Sign to Voice3
SLS 2050Principles of Interpreting3
SLS 2100Advanced Fingerspelling and Number Use in ASL2
SLS 2150Advanced Sign to Voice3
SLS 2250Interpreting and Transliterating I3
SLS 2450Interpreting and Transliterating II2
SLS 2800Interactive Interpreting3
SLS 2900Sign Internship2
Required Supportive Courses
ENG 15101Composition I 3
ENG 15201Composition II 3
Recommended Electives
ANT 15401Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 3
MDA 1103Medical Terminology3
PSY 25101Introduction to Psychology 3
SLS 1040American Sign Language (ASL) V3
SLS 1045American Sign Language (ASL) VI3
SLS 2910 - SLS 29191-3
SOC 25101Sociology 3
Total Credit Hours for Program-Related Courses54
General Education Requirements
Communication / English (3-credits)
Fine Arts / Humanities (3-credits)
Mathematics / Science (3-credits)3
Social Science (3-credits)3
Written Communication (3-credits)
Additional elective credits needed to meet requirements for an Associate in Applied Science degree2
Total Credit Hours62

A minimum cumulative 2.00 grade point average (GPA) overall is required for graduation.

Topics in Interpreting

SLS 2910Topics in Interpreting: Interpreting in Artistic Settings1
SLS 2911Topics in Interpreting: Interpreting/Transliteration II1
SLS 2912Topics in Interpreting: Educational Interpreting2
SLS 2913Topics in Interpreting: Idioms1
SLS 2914Topics in Interpreting: ASL Storytelling1
SLS 2915Topics in Interpreting: Deaf Blind Interpreting1
SLS 2916Topics in Interpreting: Mathematics: Specialized Terminology for Interpreters1
SLS 2917Topics in Interpreting: Freelance 1011
SLS 2918Topics in Interpreting: Team Interpreting1
SLS 2919Topics in Interpreting: Certification Preparation2