Machine Tool Technology - Numerical Control Technology (MTT.CNC.AAS)

Associate in Applied Science

Engineering/Manufacturing and Industrial Technology

Auburn Hills Campus

The Machine Tool Technology program is designed to emphasize the concepts of manually operated and computer-driven metal cutting machinery.  Instruction will include cutting principles, programming techniques, computer controls, and computer numerical control (CNC) machine tool operations.  In addition, the interfacing of automated equipment with computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) systems will be addressed.

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Major Requirements
MTT 1100Introduction to Machine Tools3
MTT 1150Metrology2
MTT 1200Machine Tool Setup & Operation3
MTT 1300Advanced Machining Processes3
MTT 1400Manufacturing Processes3
MTT 2100Introduction to Computer Numerical Control (CNC)3
MTT 2200G&M Code CNC Programming3
MTT 2250Fundamentals of Computer Aided Manufacturing3
MTT 23002D & 3D Computer Aided Machining4
MTT 2400Jig & Fixture Assemblies3
MTT 2500Multi-Axis Computer Aided Manufacturing3
Required Supportive Courses
CAD 1050Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)4
CAD 1501Special Topics in CAD: Fusion 360 Design2
MAT 15603Trigonometry 3-6
or APM 8110
APM 8210
Geometry Algebra
and Plane Trigonometry
MSE 1000Material Science Fundamentals-Metallurgy3
ROB 1500Introduction to Robotics Technology4
TED 1030Basic Blueprint Reading3
Complete one of the following ENG courses:3
Writing and Reading for Problem Solving 3
Composition I 3
Composition I Enhanced4
Total Credit Hours for Program-Related Courses55-58
General Education Requirements
Communication / English (3-credits)0 or 3
Fine Arts / Humanities (3-credits)3
Mathematics / Science (3-credits)
Social Science (3-credits)3
Written Communication (3-credits)0 or 3
Additional elective credits needed to meet requirements for an Associate in Applied Science degree
Total Credit Hours61-64

A minimum cumulative 2.00 grade point average (GPA) overall is required for graduation.

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