Culinary Arts - Baking and Pastry Arts (CUL.BPA.CT)

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This program provides professional and technical experience in commercial baking and pastry arts. Emphasis is on developing skills necessary for graduates to be employed as bakers and pastry cooks. When all courses are completed, the student may apply for a certificate.

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CUL 1010Food Standards, Sanitation and Hygiene2
CUL 1011Culinary Arts Skill Development2
CUL 1050Beginning Cake Decorating2
CUL 1111Cookery4
CUL 1151Retail Baking4
CUL 1250Pastry I4
CUL 1520Bakery Merchandising2
CUL 2250Pastry II4
CUL 2330Artisan Breads2
CUL 2420Plated Dessert I2
CUL 2430Plated Dessert II2
CUL 2530Wedding Cake Design2
Total Credit Hours32

A minimum cumulative 2.00 grade point average (GPA) overall is required for graduation.