Heavy Equipment Repair (HER.CT)


Engineering/Manufacturing and Industrial Technology

Auburn Hills Campus

A heavy equipment repair technician is responsible for the efficient, timely, and proper repair on a variety of heavy-duty construction and road equipment. The technician must be knowledgeable in repair of all systems used in heavy equipment including diesel engines, fuel systems, powertrain, electronics, and hydraulics. The technician must be able to diagnose problems, plan repairs including required labor and parts, and then complete the repair. Repairs must be completed, with consideration to safety, MIOSHA, and environmental guidelines. A repair technician must be able to work with a minimum of supervision, as repairs may be made off-site. Attention to detail and a sense of responsibility are required.  Students completing this certificate may choose to continue on to earn an Associate Degree.

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Major Requirements
AUT 1000Automotive Fundamentals4
AUT 1800Automotive Air Conditioning & Heating Service4
HER 1100Service Writing and Equipment Orientation6
HER 1120Heavy Engine Rebuild Orientation6
HER 1250Heavy Equipment Electronics Orientation5
HER 1300Equipment Hydraulics Orientation6
HER 1350Diesel Fuel Systems Orientation4
HER 1400Equipment Powertrain Orientation5
WEL 1111Welding for the Non-Career Welder3
Total Credit Hours43

A minimum cumulative 2.00 grade point average (GPA) overall is required for graduation. 

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