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ROB 1640     Interpolated Welding Robotic Application     4 Credit Hours

English/ESL Placement: Placement into ENG 1060 or higher (or placement into ESL 2510 or higher for students taking the ESL sequence of courses).
Prerequisite: ROB 1620

This course will examine the complex motions in robotic applications. Controller frame set-up and programming techniques for interpolated linear and circular motions will be investigated in the lecture. The concepts will be applied in the Robotics Lab to investigate techniques for various types of material removal and joining applications. The course will include lectures on basic welding fundamentals. The student will program and set weld schedules to enable robotic welding applications using Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) and resistance welding. Students will use robotic simulation for complex motions. BILLABLE CONTACT HOURS: 5