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EMS 2400     Paramedic II Clinical / Internship I     4 Credit Hours

English/ESL Placement: Placement into ENG 1510.
Prerequisite: EMS 2300
Note: Prerequisites for courses in this department are not automatically waived for College Guest students and students with a bachelor's degree or higher from a U.S. institution.

This course is designed to provide the paramedic student with hospital and advanced life support unit experience to perform skills learned in the paramedic courses. Hospital experience will include emergency room, operating room, post-anesthesia recovery, and critical care areas for both adult and pediatric patients. In addition, students will be placed in labor and delivery, psychiatric care areas, triage, morgue, and on paramedic ambulances including fire department units. Competency of skills will be evaluated by clinical preceptors and the course instructor to assure readiness for Internship courses. This course contains an online component. BILLABLE CONTACT HOURS: 4