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EMS 1200     Rescue and Extrication     1 Credit Hour

English/ESL Placement: Placement into ENG 1510.
Prerequisite: EMS Orientation.
Note: Prerequisites for courses in this department are not automatically waived for College Guest students and students with a bachelor's degree or higher from a U.S. institution.
Corequisite: EMS 1010 EMS 1020 and EMS 1100.

The course emphasizes the methods of gaining entry, freeing, and removing an injured and trapped individual from a vehicle without causing further harm. The class is taught by state certified instructors utilizing multiple methods of instruction. The second day is scheduled at an appropriate outdoor site and includes actual hands-on experience with light and medium extrication tools. This course is intended to be taken as part of the Basic EMT Program. BILLABLE CONTACT HOURS: 1

Fire Fighter Technology (FFT.AAS)

...for FFT 1510 , FFT 1520 , FFT 1540 , EMS 1200 , and PER 1590 . Program Plan Example...