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BIO 2660     Pathophysiology     3 Credit Hours

Equivalent: BIO 2250

English/ESL Placement: Placement into ENG 1510.
Prerequisite: BIO 1650 or BIO 2640 with a grade of 'C' or better within the last 5 years; or consent of discipline or department designee.

This course teaches the fundamentals of pathophysiology as it relates to care of the chronic and emergent patient in home, pre-hospital, and hospital settings. Content includes an overview of normal body functions, the immune system and immune response, discussion of specific diseases, cellular injury and death, shock, and how disease and injury alter normal function. This course is intended to meet the requirements of the EMS National standard Curriculum on pathophysiology and is part of the Advanced EMT program. BILLABLE CONTACT HOURS: 3

Emergency Medical Services

...better. Completion of BIO 1650 (or BIO 2630 & BIO 2640 ) and BIO 2660 with a...