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An Occupational Therapy Assistant works under the supervision of a registered Occupational Therapist to provide skilled treatment to individuals of all ages with physical, developmental, social and emotional problems. OT Assistants help these people achieve the independence necessary to perform the activities of daily living.

Oakland Community College and Macomb Community College have established reciprocal arrangements for the Occupational Therapist Assistant (OTA), Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) and the Veterinary Technician (VET) programs. Although the specialized courses for the programs are given at Macomb South Center Campus, Clinton Twp., students who complete the required specific credit hours at OCC and are Oakland County Residents are eligible to participate in this reciprocal arrangement. This means that upon completion of the courses at OCC and acceptance into the Macomb Community College’s Occupational Therapist Assistant (OTA) Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) or Veterinary Technician (VET) program, the student will take all the OTA, PTA or VET courses at MCC and will pay in in-district tuition1 to Macomb Community College. Graduates of these reciprocal programs earn an associate in applied science degree from Macomb Community College.

After the required credit hours for the student’s chosen program are completed at Oakland Community College, the student should proceed with the application process for completion of this degree through Macomb Community College.

To Apply:

  1. Apply to Oakland Community College.
  2. Declare OTA.MCC.REC as your curriculum.
  3. Take the ACCUPLACER Test, all three parts - Reading, Writing and Elementary Algebra, at Macomb Community College.  Testing deadline for program entry is February 15th each year.  These scores are used by Macomb as part of their selective admission process. Please call (586) 445-7423 to schedule a test date.2,3
  4. Complete the credit hours required for your program of choice.
  5. Contact the Southfield Campus of Oakland Community College before December 1 if you wish to be considered for admission to Macomb Community College for the following September.  For Example: if you wish to be considered for admission to MCC for September of the next academic year, you must contact the Health Professions Department at (248) 233-2917 before December 1 of the current academic year.
  6. Apply to Macomb Community College.
    For further information about preparation for the reciprocal arrangement programs, contact the Oakland Community College, Health Professions and Technologies Office at Southfield Campus, (248) 233-2917 or a counselor on any OCC campus.  For further information specific to any reciprocal program contact: Macomb Community College, Health and Human Services at (586) 286-2097.

Prerequisite courses to be taken at Oakland Community College

Students must complete a minimum of 19 credit hours at Oakland Community College which include the following courses:

Program Plan Example - Not Available

BIO 2630Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIO 2640Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
ENG 1510Composition I3
HHSC 10304Introduction to Occupational Therapy 2
PHI 1610Ethics3
PSY 2510Introduction to Psychology3
Complete one of the following PER courses:
Stress Management: Neuromuscular Relaxation2
Physical Well-Being in a Modern Society2
Total Credit Hours19