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The Music certificate is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation in music for students interested in pursuing an Associate in Arts degree with a concentration in music or for those students planning a transfer to a four-year university.

Major Requirements
MUS 1510Piano I2
MUS 1530Fundamentals of Music2
MUS 1620Ear Training and Sight Singing I2
MUS 1630Music Theory I3
MUS 2521Ear Training and Sight Singing II2
MUS 2530Music Theory II3
Students must complete a minimum of 3 different 1-credit courses in Applied Music.3
MUS 2560Conducting2
MUS 2640Music Composition: Art Music2
Choose 1 credit from the following:1
Choose 4 credits of any of the following:4
Required Supportive Courses (choose a minimum of 8 credits)8
Voice I2
Voice II2
Piano II2
Guitar I2
Guitar II2
Listening to Music: 'Classical' to Jazz3
Listening to Music: World Music3
Listening to Music: Rock to Hip-Hop3
Music Theory: Jazz2
Jazz Improvisation2
Music Composition: Standard Forms2
Total Credit Hours34

Applied Music: Vocal or Instrumental Instruction

MUS 2551Applied Music: Vocal or Instrumental Instruction1
MUS 2552Applied Music: Vocal or Instrumental Instruction1
MUS 2553Applied Music: Vocal or Instrumental Instruction1
MUS 2554Applied Music: Vocal or Instrumental Instruction1
MUS 2555Applied Music: Vocal or Instrumental Instruction1
MUS 2556Applied Music: Vocal or Instrumental Instruction1
MUS 2557Applied Music: Vocal or Instrumental Instruction1
MUS 2558Applied Music: Vocal or Instrumental Instruction1

Recital / Special Project

MUS 2810Recital/Special Project1
MUS 2811Recital/Special Project1
MUS 2812Recital/Special Project1
MUS 2813Recital/Special Project1
MUS 2814Recital/Special Project1
MUS 2815Recital/Special Project1

Small Ensemble / Combo

MUS 1751Small Ensemble/Combo1
MUS 1752Small Ensemble/Combo1
MUS 1753Small Ensemble/Combo1
MUS 1754Small Ensemble/Combo1
MUS 1755Small Ensemble/Combo1
MUS 1756Small Ensemble/Combo1
MUS 1757Small Ensemble/Combo1
MUS 1758Small Ensemble/Combo1

Oakland Community College Chorale

MUS 1761OCC Chorale1
MUS 1762OCC Chorale1
MUS 1763OCC Chorale1
MUS 1764OCC Chorale1
MUS 1765OCC Chorale1
MUS 1766OCC Chorale1
MUS 1767OCC Chorale1
MUS 1768OCC Chorale1

Concert Band

MUS 1771Concert Band1
MUS 1772Concert Band1
MUS 1773Concert Band1
MUS 1774Concert Band1
MUS 1775Concert Band1
MUS 1776Concert Band1
MUS 1777Concert Band1
MUS 1778Concert Band1


MUS 1781Orchestra1
MUS 1782Orchestra1
MUS 1783Orchestra1
MUS 1784Orchestra1
MUS 1785Orchestra1
MUS 1786Orchestra1
MUS 1787Orchestra1
MUS 1788Orchestra1

Oakland Community College Stage / Jazz Band

MUS 1791OCC Stage/Jazz Band1
MUS 1792OCC Stage/Jazz Band1
MUS 1793OCC Stage/Jazz Band1
MUS 1794OCC Stage/Jazz Band1
MUS 1795OCC Stage/Jazz Band1
MUS 1796OCC Stage/Jazz Band1
MUS 1797OCC Stage/Jazz Band1
MUS 1798OCC Stage/Jazz Band1