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Auburn Hills Campus

This certificate is designed to prepare students for employment as library and/or information technicians in a wide variety of resource delivery settings, e.g., public, academic, school, business, medical, and legal.

The program gives the student experience in library technology, public services, circulation procedures, cataloging, and document delivery. Students will develop career skills in a required 120-hour library internship arranged at a library of his or her choice.

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Major Requirements
LIB 1100Information Research Methods1
LIB 1150Introduction to Library Services3
LIB 1200Introduction to Media Technology3
LIB 2000Collection Management3
LIB 2100Library Cataloging3
LIB 2150Library Access Services3
LIB 2170Introduction to Reference Resources3
LIB 2500Library Internship4
Required Supportive Courses (Complete 10 credits from any of the following courses)10
Composition I3
Composition II3
Business Mathematics 3
Psychology of Organizational Behavior3
Communication Skills:
Interpersonal Communication3
Fundamentals of Speech3
Business Communications3
Professional Communication4
Women in Literature3
Introduction to Literature: Short Story and Novel3
Introduction to Literature: Poetry and Drama3
Science Fiction and Fantasy3
American Literature Before the Civil War3
American Literature Since the Civil War3
World Literature I3
World Literature II3
British Literature Before 17003
British Literature After 17003
Children's Literature3
Computer Skills:
Personal Computer Productivity Tools4
Personal Computer Spreadsheet Concepts3
Personal Computer Database Concepts3
Fundamentals of Information Systems4
Web Design I4
JavaScript Programming for Websites4
Web Animation3
Language Skills:
Beginning Arabic I4
Beginning Chinese I4
Advanced Oral Communication 4
Beginning French I4
Beginning German I4
Beginning Italian I4
Beginning Japanese I4
American Sign Language (ASL) I3
Beginning Spanish I4
Total Credit Hours33

A minimum cumulative 2.00 grade point average (GPA) overall is required for graduation.