Computer Information Systems - Software Engineering (CIS.SWE.CT)

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Business, Management, Marketing and Technology

Auburn Hills and Orchard Ridge Campuses

The Software Engineering certificate provides the student with an extensive set of object-oriented and web-based programming skills required by the current business environment. In addition to specialized skills in programming, the certificate gives the student a solid foundation in computer-based systems concepts.

CIS 1100Fundamentals of Information Systems4
CIS 1200Introduction to Database Systems4
CIS 1300Networking Concepts4
CIS 1400Web Design I4
CIS 1500Introduction to Programming (Java)4
CIS 2151Object-Oriented Programming (Java)4
CIS 2252Object-Oriented Programming (C++)4
CIS 2353Data Structures4
CIS 2454Web System Development (PHP, Java)4
Software Engineering Certificate Electives
Complete two courses (as certificate electives) of the following:8
Database Design and Management with Oracle SQL4
Web System Development (ASP.NET, C#)4
Visual Basic.NET Programming4
C# Programming4
Mobile Application Development (Android)4
System Security4
Web System Integration and Service Development4
Foundations of Game Software Development4
Total Credit Hours44

A minimum cumulative 2.00 grade point average (GPA) overall is required for graduation.