Automobile Servicing (AUS.AAS)

Engineering/Manufacturing and Industrial TechnologyEngineering/Manufacturing and Industrial Technology

Associate in Applied Science

Engineering/Manufacturing and Industrial Technology

Auburn Hills Campus

The Automobile Servicing associate in applied science degree is designed to prepare students for entry-level servicing operations in the automotive field. This program consists of eight specialized courses designed in accordance with the mandatory Auto Mechanic Certification tests required for state licensure. Completion of the program should prepare the student to become certified by the state of Michigan in up to eight areas of specialization. A large portion of class time will be spent in the laboratory allowing the student to gain work experience in an automobile servicing situation.

Students involved in this program are expected to provide their own eye and ear protection, as well as appropriate work uniforms. Students will perform all service operations in a safe and proper manner, developing appropriate work habits.

Major Requirements
AUT 1100Brake System Service4
AUT 1200Front Suspension and Steering Service4
AUT 1300Automotive Electrical Systems Servicing4
AUT 1400Engine Support Systems Servicing4
AUT 1500Engine Tune-Up and Emissions Service4
AUT 1600Automatic Transmission Minor Servicing4
AUT 1700Manual Transmissions and Rear Axle Servicing4
AUT 1800Automotive Air Conditioning and Heating Service4
Required Supportive Courses
ATF 1400Introduction to Hydraulics3
BUS 1100Introduction to Business4
EEC 1020DC Fundamentals3
IND 1403Cooperative Internship3
IND 2403Advanced Cooperative Internship3
WEL 1000Introduction to Welding: Theory and Practice I3
Total Credit Hours for Program-Related Courses51
General Education Requirements
Communication / English (3-credits)3
Fine Arts / Humanities (3-credits)3
Mathematics / Science (3-credits)3
Physical Education (1-credit)1
Social Science (3-credits)3
Written Communication (3-credits)3
POL 1510American Government3
Additional elective credits needed to meet requirements for an Associate in Applied Science degree0
Total Credits Hours70

A minimum cumulative 2.00 grade point average (GPA) overall is required for graduation.